Supertek RO Systems for industrial use.

Industrial RO – Supertek 1000 LPH

Product Description

Supertek 1000 LPH



Basics of Design & Water Treatment


This produces quality water at the flow rate of 1000 litres per hour. It can work continuously for 8 to 9 hours per day besides 0.5 hour to 1 hour for back-washing of the filtration system.




1. Raw Water Transfer Pump:
Quantity required One
Material of construction CI
Make of material c.g.


2. Multi-Grade Filter:
Quantity required One
Size of unit Dia × Ht 13″ × 54″
Material of Construction FRP
Max. pressure drop 0.5Kg/cm²
Flow control Top mounted multi port valve
Media Graded silex anthracite & sand
Vessel make Aventura


3. Dosing Pump:
Quantity required One
Type Diapharagm type electronic pump
Capacity 0.5 LPH
Make E-dose


4. Micron Filter:
Quantity required 2
Type Disposable cartridge
Operation rate 1.0m³/hr
Operation pressure 2.5Kg/cm²
Micron rating 5 micron
Type of cartridge PP wound


5. High Pressure Pump:
Quantity required One
Operating flow rate 7.5m³/hr
Operating pressure 10 – 12 Kg/cm²
Make of pump cri.
Type of drive single phase


7. Electrical Control Panel:
Quantity required One
Material of construction MS skid mount
Electrical components make b


6. RO Membrane:
Quantity required 4 nos.
Dimension Dia 4″, Length 40″
Working Pressure 180 psi
Element Spiral Wound Membrane
Make Hydrostatic membrane from Pentair India



  1. Pressure Gauges .2 (PIC)
  2. Flow meters: 1 Nos. (One reject & one permeate)
  3. Pressure limiting switches: 02 Nos. Line mounted adjustable.



Supply and Assembling the complete reverse osmosis plant 1000 LPH – One
Packing – Included
Tax and Freight – Excluded (Rs.10,000/- extra)
Erection and commissioning – Included
Warranty – One Year for pumps only
Delivery – Within 7 days from the date of payment.
Payment – 100% Advance
VAT – 12.5% extra.


The following are specifically excluded from our scope of work:

  • All process inputs, utilities such as tube well for water, power supply and distribution system, inlet-outlet piping etc.
  • Fire fighting equipments.
  • All civil work including building, shed, foundation, roads, ramps, storage tanks etc.
  • Warehousing, storage and safe custody of equipment and other plants item received at site.
  • Temporary power supply during construction and erection of plant.
  • Effluent treatment.
  • Any other services/equipment not specifically mentioned.
  • Model of the plant.